Carrie Zeisse, Chair 

Thomas McDonnell, Jr., Esq., Vice-Chair

 Robert Brink, CPA, Treasurer

Ron Giovannelli

David Gudelunas, PhD

Ashley Brundage

Charles Levin, Esq., Founder

Kalup Linzy

Bijal Patel

Alexis Muellner

 Roger Robson

Marty Sears


Robert Drapkin, MD

Nancy DeWaart

James Ferman

David Hall III.

Fraser Himes, Esq.

Charles Lyman





Zora Carrier, PhD, Executive Director

Mitchell Brooks, Exhibitions and Development Manager

Pierre and Cathy Dutertre, Education and Outreach Manager

Natalia Sanchez, Membership Coordinator

Amy Shafer, Special Events Coordinator and Outreach Manager

Deirdre Powell, Website Designer, Docent,  Digital Experience and Development Manager

Jim Miller, Docent Volunteer

Zora Carrier, PhD

Zora Carrier, PhD

Executive Director

Dr. Carrier is an accomplished art educator. She received her Ph.D. in Education from Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovak Republic in 1989. In 2002, she co-founded and was director of Gallery Art Factory in Prague, Czech Republic, a not-for-profit institution presenting modern and contemporary art. In 2006, she founded the Open Concept Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where, as director, she managed art projects and art education programming. Before becoming the Director of the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, she consulted on educational opportunities.

Mitchell Brooks

Mitchell Brooks

Exhibitions & Development Manager

Mitchell Brooks graduated with his BA in Art History from the University of South Florida. His passion for the study, collection, and preservation of art and cultural objects has led him to pursue a career within museums. He loves dogs, pop culture, and reruns of the Golden Girls.

Pierre and Cathy Dutertre

Pierre and Cathy Dutertre

Education & Outreach Manager

Pierre and Cathy Dutertre are full-time collaborative artists, art consultants, mentors, educators, curators, and owners of a fine art photography gallery representing artists from the U.S. and Europe. Their goals reside in making an impact in the overall art community and giving, passing forward their knowledge and experiences. They hold multiple master’s degrees in fine art, physics and French literature and have 5 grandchildren.

Amy Shafer

Events Coordinator & Outreach Manager

Amy Shafer graduated from the University of South Florida with her BA in Art History, and her Associates Degree in Fine Arts from Hillsborough Community College. Amy’s interest in the arts began at an early age and her love of art has grown even more into her adult years. Having lived in Europe for three years and having traveled to over 25 countries she has been able to enjoy and appreciate art from all over the world. She is fun, outgoing, loves to meet new people, and to plan parties which make her perfect for her position here at the museum!

Deirdre Powell

Deirdre Powell

Website Designer, Docent, Membership Coordinator

Deirdre Powell has a double Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Multi-Media Systems from London Guildhall University. In 2014 she receiced a Entrepreneur Certificate from University of Florida. Deirdre is an editor, graphic designer, and web designer. She creates custom themes through her web design company Design & Launch.


Michael Sheehan

Michael Sheehan

Docent Volunteer

Michael Sheehan was born and raised in Ireland but has lived and worked in Florida for the last 30 years. As a practicing psychiatrist, he is a longtime student of human perceptions, emotions, reactions and conditions. 

His photographs have been on display in a variety of local venues over the last 3 years, including  St Petersburg: The Dali Museum, Leslie Curran Gallery, The Studio@620, Platformz, Creative Soul studios, bar@548, ARTpool gallery Clearwater: Ruth Eckert Hall, Studio 617, Pour Yours, Tampa: Florida Museum of Photographic Art, Jose Gomez Gallery, Red Door Studio  New Port Richie: Dulcet Restaurant & Lounge. 

Jim Miller

Jim Miller

Docent Volunteer

Jim is an avid photographer now turning his attention to fine art. He enjoys art history and the opportunity to talk with others about photography and it’s ability to communicate ideas.  So, being a volunteer Docent is a perfect past time. Jim is retired from the telecommunications industry and currently serves on the board of Wellspring International Outreach, a charity devoted to the support of abused and abandoned children around the world. He attended the University of South Florida studying computer science

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