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Pierre and Cathy Dutertre


Pierre and Cathy have been making photographs together for well over 13 years, as a husband and wife duo, from commercial projects and fine art ventures that reflect their varied individual and complex pasts.

They project their unique psyches with expressive and reflective imagery of the world and their presence within it, seeking answers to metaphysical questions through a symbiotic creative collaboration.

Their images reflect a constant quest for spiritual, existential and philosophical pondering, a somber search at times for the essence of life and the world around them.

As full-time artists Pierre and Cathy are constantly engaged with producing art, mentoring artists at all stages of their careers, judging competitions and curating exhibits in the U.S. and Europe, conducting workshops in museums as well as managing their fine art photography gallery that represents diverse artists worldwide. They hold Master’s degrees in physics, literature and fine art. http://www.pierreandcathy.com. http://upagallery.com.

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