Red-cockaded Woodpeckers (RCW) (Picoides borealis) and related research in The Nature Conservancy’s Disney Wilderness Preserve, near Poinciana and Kissimmee, Florida. RCW cluster #2. TNC biologist Jen Milikowski manages the RCW research and appears in these photographs. Her contact is, cell: 203-710-8804, office: 407-935-0002 x124. The RCW is a listed Endangered Species in the US. I relies on old growth longleaf pine forests and has been recovering through management by USFWS and partners. In Florida, they are surviving in several meta populations in separate forested areas throughout the Northern Everglades and panhandle which RCWs have been documented traveling between. As such, RCWs are indicators for the proposed Florida Wildlife Corridor. Photograph by Carlton Ward Jr / Carlton Ward Photography /