Welcome to the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts’ BLOG!

We are thrilled to announce the start of something exciting that will allow people more access to the activities, classes, and events that are occurring at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts. The museum continues to grow and add more options and we want to make sure to stay connected with our members.

Some of the exciting things we offer and/or support at FMoPA are:

  • Photography Classes
  • Children’s Programs focused on Photography
  • The FMoPA Book Club
  • Gallery Events and Openings
  • The FMoPA Photo League
  • The FMoPA Project: One Day Tampa Bay 2012
  • Future FMoPA projects
  • And many more items are in development

With all of these amazing options we wanted a place to give you more information and “behind the scenes” views of the events at FMoPA. We will ask instructors, board members, and Photographers to contribute to the FMoPA Blog by writing articles, posting pictures of the events, student/instructor work, and anything else we can think of to the Blog on a regular basis.

We hope everyone will be as excited as we are about the new items we are developing.  Photography and the photographic arts are a unique and versatile medium that each of us are passionate about.

Please revisit our Blog often to get updates and information about the exciting events we are developing at the museum.