North facing Cube, Chip Weiner
South facing Cube
Photo Credit: William Carson
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Photography Classes

Please check back here often for future photography classes.   FMoPA offers digital photography classes, beginning and advanced level photography classes, and even photography workshops for children! Remember, you can always look to FMoPA for the best photography classes in Tampa!

To keep informed of future classes, programs or events, please fill out the newsletter subscription form on the right side of this page.

*Courses, lectures, and events subject to change without notice.


Class Type Name Instructor Ages Duration Available Dates
Details Workshops Next Step Photography Jeremy Scott All 4 Weeks Jan 8
Feb 5
Details Workshops First Step: Photography 101 Jeremy Scott All 4 Weeks Jan 6
Feb 3
Details Workshops Lightroom 101 Carlie Chew All 1 Day Jan 25
Feb 22
Mar 29
Details Workshops Advanced Composition Techniques Pierre Dutertre All 3 Weeks Apr 22
Details Workshops Focus on Your Talent Pierre Dutertre All 5 Weeks Jan 17
Mar 7
Details Workshops The Business of Photography Pierre Dutertre All 3 Weeks May 8
Details Workshops Art Interpretation Approaches Zora Carrier Members Only 3 Days Feb 7
Details Workshops First Step EXPRESS: Photography 101 Jeremy Scott All 4 Hours Jan 18
Details Workshops History of Photography Pierre Dutertre All 1 Day Feb 28
Details Workshops Portfolio Reviews Pierre Dutertre All 1 Day Mar 20
Details Safaris Crystal Springs Preserve Photo Safari Carlie Chew All 3 Hours Jan 10