The Story of FMoPA, as told by the window images on the Cube

The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts is now in its new home, the Cube at Rivergate Plaza.  FMoPA occupies the 2nd and 3rd floors in the architecturally significant Cube – the soaring, six-story atrium recognized as one of the most impressive interior spaces in Tampa. The museum opened its first exhibition in the building in March 2012 with the Black, White & Brilliant Gala that was attended by over 300 people. This highly visible location puts the museum in the core of the Downtown Tampa Arts District.

The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, founded in 2001, is a not-for-profit museum dedicated to exhibiting important photographic art.   It currently has over 800 members, hosts over 25 photography classes per year, and is widely supported by the community.  The museum collects, preserves and exhibits historic and contemporary works by nationally and internationally known artists.  To date, the museum has mounted over 60 major photographic exhibitions.

Let’s take a look at some of the images on the building . . . .

Representing our Permanent Collection, Exhibitions, and the Community Photographers:


Cyclo Driver in Saigon, 2012, A selection from FMoPA’s 4th Annual International Photography Competition

Andy Warhol, Cowboys and Indians: John Wayne, 1986

Harold Edgerton, Milk Drop Coronet, 1957

David Hilliard, Hope, 2008

Rob Bovarnick, Gandy Bridge,  A selection from One Day Tampa Bay 2012, 2012 Courtesy of Artist


Jamie Francis, Pakistani Bride, 2001

Len Prince, Spike Lee, 1993

Bruce Dale, Wigwam Motel, 2004